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Dance Dictionary


The Spanish and Flamenco dances of Spain in which rhythmic patterns are made with the heel and ball of Filigrano. Also a man’s dance which consists purely of intricate stomping.

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The songs and dances in Waltz time of Southern Mexico. The lyrics tell a story and more often funny situations between persons are rhymed and danced.

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The Zambra has a definitely Moorish origin. Prizes were given to the youth who could dance the Best Zambra with his Moorish maiden during the Caliphate of Cordoba. Today it is the dance of the Gitano women of Spain.

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Ritual dance of the Indians of the Amazon basin said to protect the young male dancers against feminine seduction. The rites of Yurupari are held by the Indians in the jungles of Brazil. The African Brazilians practice their fetishistic ritual of the macumba from which stem many Brazilian dance patterns. The Spanish and Portuguese contribute […]

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Yaqui Indian Dances

Dances of the Indians of Sonora, Mexico, among which El Venado is the most popular. It depicts the fascination of a young deer for a campfire. He finally loses his life by jumping into it.

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(CHI TOL LES) The Mayan Warriors dance of Mexico.

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(CHAN GO) A dance of the Macumba ritual in Brazil. It is in honor of the jungle god Xango.

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West Coast Swing

A stylized Swing dance popular west of the Mississippi from Kansas to California. Danced in a slot to medium to slow Swing or Disco music and characterized by slot movements, taps and shuffles, coaster steps, and push and pull action of the dancers.

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The real origin of the Waltz is rather obscure, but a dance of turns and glides, leaping and stomping appeared in various parts of Europe at the end of the 17th and beginning of the 18th century. In Italy it was the Volta, France has its Volte, Germany the Weller and Austria had its Landler. […]

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The Volte was like the Landler, a forerunner of the Waltz. It was brought to the French court by Catherine de Medici. In it the man turns his partner around several times and then helps her to take a high spring into the air.

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